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Christmas Gift-Giving 2018


Gift giving

A simple act of kindness brings a thousand-fold.

It is not too much to share what you have to those who are in need so before Christmas day last December 8, 2018, around 100 families from Sitio Alibang, Naugsol, Subic, Zambales was chosen as the recipient for this years’ gift giving.

Isabelita Rosueta Organization together with Oasis Family - a group who also aims to reach out to some communities through gift giving services, made a way to make the families in the community especially our Aetas brothers and sisters happy. Through some parlor games and giving away some gifts to them, everyone showed that heart melting smile.

Nothing is impossible if you are willing to share what you have and gifts are not measured by how big or small it is. But it is on how you open heartedly wanted to share it to others. IROG is looking for more years of sharing and giving.

Gift giving

Christmas Gift-Giving 2017


As the famous saying goes, "It's better to give than to receive."

For Isabelita Rosueta Organization, Christmas season is not about receiving tons of gifts that will brought full happiness. It is all about sharing and giving to others. The happy faces that they show are heart melting. It only gives us hope that we made someone happy even in a simple way.

Last December 19, 10 families from the Aeta community in Tibag, Zambales were the chosen recipients for IROG’s “Reverse Caroling”, an activity wherein the volunteers sing Christmas Carols and instead of asking for something in return as the traditional way of caroling. IROG is the one who will give some gifts such as clothes, toys and Noche Buena package.

“Be an instrument in spreading love, peace and happiness to everyone.”

Sharing the Melodies of Love 2017 Sharing the Melodies of Love 2017

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Christmas Gift-Giving 2015


Gift giving

“Always bring HOPE and make others SMILE in every other way.”

Isabelita Rosueta Organization continues to spread hope and joy to people who need them most, not only during this time of celebration but throughout the year. With gifts and carols, IROG volunteers and some LGO staff visited the Missionaries of Charity in Old Cabalan, Olongapo City on December 18, 2015 to somehow make the hope of a better life become real for the wards and beneficiaries of the charitable group.

Christmas Gift Giving 2015 Christmas Gift Giving 2015

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Christmas Gift-Giving 2014


Gift giving Gift giving

An act of giving love to our fellow being from San Isidro, Subic Zambales marks the history of IROG once again on December 18, 2014 as they knocked the doors to give a simple yet meaningful gift such as grocery items while singing from the heart..

"..Let's sing Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. This season may we never forget the love we have for Jesus. Let him be the one to guide us as another new year starts. And may the spirit of Christmas be always in our hearts..."

Christmas Gift Giving 2014 Christmas Gift Giving 2014

"Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but what we give." These words may not be spoken by LGO Staff and IROG Volunteers but seeing them with those kind of smiles in their faces, priceless.

Christmas Gift-Giving 2013


Gift giving

Before the year ends, IROG usually extend their help to those families who are in need.

Last December 3, 2013, Isabelita Rosueta Organization conducts a Gift Giving activity through Christmas Carolling handling gifts to some families around Sto. Tomas, Subic area.

Christmas Gift Giving 2013 Christmas Gift Giving 2013

The smile from those families who received the simple gifts such as grocery items and clothes was really overwhelming. Nothing will ever compare how the hearts of the LGO Staff and IROG Volunteers felt as they joyfully sang Christmas songs.

Christmas Gift-Giving 2012


Gift giving

IROG organized an early Christmas gift-giving activity at the Sto. Tomas Elementary School campus in coordination with Logicgateone, an IT company affiliated with IROG. A total of 1,022 students became beneficiaries of several Santa-Claus-capped "elves" bearing toys, food and party items.

This was part of IROG's initial exposure in providing cheer and support, as well as assistance for the needs of the local community.

Christmas Gift Giving 2012 Christmas Gift Giving 2012

Welcome remarks were given by Angelo Alfaro, Manager of LGO. Also attending the program were Mr. Gennyfer Chantengco; Barangay Chairman of Sto. Tomas, and Mr. VMR; free-lance writer from Cavite, who both gave short speeches to inspire the audience composed of students from all levels of elementary.

Mr. Joel Castillo, Managing Director of a SEO company based in Subic Bay Philippines, led the activities which lasted from 1:00 till 7:00 P.M.